Detours and Frolics: Week of 3/2

Our collection of legal news this week skews toward the odd and silly (I’m assuming you’re up to date on net neutrality):

  • Alaska has legalized the growth, possession, and smoking of marijuana¬†(note that it has not legalized the purchase or sale of the substance) (Al Jazeera)
  • And South Korea has legalized adultery. Around 53,000 people had been prosecuted under the law forbidding extra-marital relations since 1985 (New York Times)
  • Don’t let your client write the cert petition, or the Supreme Court might sanction you (Lawyerist)
  • Under Armour has filed a trademark suit against Ass Armor. Frankly, I think the likelihood of confusion is low (techdirt)
  • You mean the Secretary of the Treasury¬†isn’t Moe Money? Could have fooled me (Lowering the Bar)
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